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5 Summer Skincare Tips :You should follow


1.Sunscreen lotion is must!

Sunscreen lotion with SPF atleast from 30 – 50 is very essential in this summer. Take a coin sized amount of lotion for your face and also apply in arms and other body parts which is exposed to sun. You should apply 30 minutes before stepping outside. And the important thing is, You should continue to apply this lotion , once in every two hours, so that it will be very effective and protect your skin from harmful UV rays

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2.Dress wisely

Hey girls, This is summer, where the sun  totally makes us burning , So it is very essential to dress up wisely. Try wearing  light colored dress than dark colors. Wearing WHITE is absolutely good and Wearing BLACK is totally wrong during this season (Black absorbs the heat). Also go with light colored inner wears than using black colored. Go with cotton dress in this summer for your comfort and try to wear loose clothes.


3.Keep yourself Hydrated

You don’t have to drink lots of water .(Drinking 2 liters of water daily – It is normal intake of an average person). Stay hydrated by quenching your thirst.Don’t hesitate to take water bottle wherever you go. Being hydrated ,will make your skin better.


4.FRUITS!-Secret of glowing skin

Believe it or not, Eating more fruits on daily basis, will make your skin brighter and glower. In this summer, I will recommend you to eat fruits like Water melon, Cucumber, Oranges for a month and see your skin results. I will bet you positive results for your skin. (Good results can be seen if you eat fruits than drinking fruit juices) You  can also add coconut water to your daily routine (plus fruits). As you are eating fruits , better avoid oily and junk foods for faster results.


5. Avoid Stepping out

Last but not least, Avoid stepping out in sun during peak time from 12.00 PM TO 4.OO PM. If you necessarily have plans and want to go out , Don’t forget to take umbrellas or stole with you ( Try to use light colored stole and umbrellas). If you dont have stole, make any dupatta as a stole and cover it up. Take care of hygiene by bathing twice a day.



Follow these tips to keep your skin better and hydrated

With Love,




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