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15 Heart Melting Texts You can send on His Birthday

Hi gals, This is the last month of this year,So I decided to collect some sweet text messages around the internet that you can wish on your boyfriend’s/ husband’s birthday on forthcoming year.

These messages will melt his heart 💜❤ on his special day and he would know how much you love him. Don’t forget to bookmark this page☺

1.A birthday wish flies🎈 from the bottom of ❤my heart, Because only deep inside all great wishes start!Happy Birthday🎁🎉 Darling!!

2.On the lovely occasion of your birthday🎂, I just want to remind you that I deeply, truly, madly am in love💜❤💚 with you. Let’s make the most of your big day today

3.I wish that your shoulder I rest my head upon is always mine. I wish your hand that supports me is mine. I wish the ears that listen to me when I talk is mine. I just want to be there for you always and forever. Happy Birthday to you, my man👫

4.No words could ever describe my love❤ for you. It’s larger than the universe🌎 and it’s deeper than the🌊 ocean. Happy Birthday🍰🎊, 💕Dear!

5.Sending you a sweet Birthday 💌wish wrapped with all my love! Every girl💏 dreams of having a Boyfriend like you!

6.Happy Birthday,💏 baby. I promise to make your day as special 🎂as you are to me, and I promise to make your year🎊🎈 even more special!

7.Hey Birthday boy👫, when will I get to give you your birthday kiss💋?


8.Do you believe in miracles❄? I sure do, Because I found you👫! Happy Birthday 🎂to the best Boyfriend in the whole wide 🌏world!

9.On your birthday🍰🍰 let’s celebrate our past👫, our today 🎊and our future👨‍👩‍👦‍👦! I love my life ❤with you!

10.Blow your candles🕯,Make a wish✨, And I will give you Sweet big kiss💋💋!

11. Falling in love with you 💏is the only fall 💃I have ever enjoyed. Happy birthday 🎊my love❤.


12.Happy birthday to the guy 👫whose hugs are like a warm blanket🛌 on a chilly morning and kisses 💋are like a cool breeze🌫 on a summer☀ night.

13.Here’s a hot birthday ⚡💋❤💌wish for a boyfriend who is just too hot🔥 to handle. Happy birthday hottie🎊🎂.

14.There is nothing I want more than to spend 👫💏👨‍👩‍👦‍👦next one hundred birthdays🎂🍰 of yours by my side. I love you Sweet 💜❤heart. Happy Birthday dear🎊🎀🎉

15.Happy Birthday🎀🎉 to the Man 👫💏who I wish to hold forever in my ❤heart


These are texts are collected from various source. Some Tips to make your Text super special

  1. Add Cute emojis as much as you can
  2. You can add these Text with your memorable photos
  3. Send it to your loved ones at perfect timing ( like 12 A.M, When he is happy)

With Love,



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