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6 Simple Rules To Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Every Year, We plan goals or new habits to follow on the start of the year.But,Most of us ( Even me) will try to follow it for a month of every New Year. The next month we get tired of following it.

Every Year we are doing the same mistake in setting up goals and achieving it. Here I break down into effective steps to Achieve goals. Let’s do this in 2019

1.Set Realistic and Minimum Goals

First of all, Set your goals according to your capacity that you can achieve in a year. And it’s important not to set too many goals.
Take a paper, Write your Top priority 3 or 4 goals (If you think you can achieve 5 or more goals you can go for it, Otherwise don’t set too much of goals and you may give up taking steps for too many goals)

2.Be Specific with Your Goal

You have to be very specific about your goals. If you want to lose weight, You have to specify how much kilos you have to lose it. Whether 5 kg or 10 kg?? Which one is possible for you. This may give you clear view to follow habits according to it
Instead of “I have to go to job”, Write it as “I want to work as HR Assistant “
Instead of ” I want to lose weight”, Write it as ” I want to lose 5 kgs of weight”
So, Write specific goals as much as possible, Add numerical values or specific characters to your goal

3. Fix the Time period

You have written Specific goals in a paper and it is essential to set time period for your goals
If your Goal is to lose weight of 5 kgs, Then you have to break down into time period that is, Fix 6 months to reduce 2 and a half kgs and other 6 months to reduce another 2 and half kgs,.
Also write down daily or weekly habits you have to take to achieve this goals
Example: For losing weight, You have to do exercise daily, Avoid junk foods
For job, You have to make a good resume, Develop your technical knowledge, so on.

4.Surround Yourself with Persons of similar Goals

Try to connect with the people of similar goals, So that you may get inspired as well as you get to know about better ways that other people are trying to achieve the similar goals like you.If you want to lose weight, you should avoid people who are eating junk foods, Because it may tempts you too
To find inspiration, Join Facebook Group Share Your Goals as well as get motivated here

5.Be Consistent

Being Consistent is the key for success. Consistent is sticking to your habit and following it regularly to achieve your goal. Don’t ever give up in the journey of achieving your goal, If you cannot follow your habits due to some unavoidable reasonable, Try to follow on from next day or next week, It’s never too late to start a habit or achieving your goal.

6.Stay Positive

After Being Consistent in your habits, Believe yourself and hope for better things to happen in your life. Think positive always, It has a great power.
Whatever happens, Stay positive in your journey of achieving your goal

With Love,



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