Dear Boys, How to Get Into a Relationship With a Girl

This post is for Boys who want to get committed in 2019, I have been posting so far , for girls and now it’s for boys who want to be in relationship or find life partner.

Scroll down to see, what are the things you have to be doing for getting into relationship with a girl.

1. First of all, Friendship

Friendship is basic thing to enter into a relationship and love always starts with the friendship. Every girl make a boy as her friend when she likes his way of approach and who is similar to her character. So, Approach her in a decent way and if she ignores ,Just Leave and Don’t send bunch of messages continuously in order to draw her attention. She will respond to you , If she likes to respond you.

2.Understand Differences between you and her

During your days of Friendship, It is very important to know about difference between each other. Her likes and dislikes should be known to you as well as your like and dislikes should be known to her.

The one question you should ask yourself before getting into relationship is “Can you tolerate her likes and dislikes ” If Yes, you can proceed.

This is because If her likes is your dislikes, And You can’t adjust with that kind of thing, It is good to not to get into relationship with that girl. Some of them get friendzoned because of this

3.Express your Love for her

You love her and You can understand difference between her and you,as well as if you can tolerate her,Then Try to express your love for her. Send Good morning or Good night Messages everyday. Gift her favourites, Show your love as much as you can before proposing her. So that,She able to understand your affection and love towards her And Finally If You feel to spend your whole life with her, Get a bunch of roses and meet her in person and Propose in your style

4. Respect Her Decision

Some girls may like you and you may mistaken that she also on love with you.She might liked you as her friend and She is also a human , may have different kind of feeling based on her family situations.So If She says No,Respect Her decision and Try not to hurt her emotionally.True love will find a way for you.If you have shown true lover for her, Don’t worry, It comes to you in a different way.

5.Fall in Love Naturally And not Just you want to be in Relationship

Hey Boys, Don’t be in a relationship for just you want to be. Fall in love naturally

It is 100 percent true that When VTV Karthik (Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya Movie Dialogue) says “Kaadhala nama thedi pona athu kaadhal ila, athuva nadakanum namala potu thaakanum thala keela potu thaakanum” . Meaning : It is not love, When you find someone to love, Love!!has to happen on its own accord ,It has to hit us, makes us spin topsy turvy!

Don’t find a girl for just you want to be in a relationship, It happens when you feel you want to be with her for whole life, it’s the time you want to get into relationship.

With Love,



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