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6 Simple Rules To Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Every Year, We plan goals or new habits to follow on the start of the year.But,Most of us ( Even me) will try to follow it for a month of every New Year. The next month we get tired of following it.

Every Year we are doing the same mistake in setting up goals and achieving it. Here I break down into effective steps to Achieve goals. Let’s do this in 2019

1.Set Realistic and Minimum Goals

First of all, Set your goals according to your capacity that you can achieve in a year. And it’s important not to set too many goals.
Take a paper, Write your Top priority 3 or 4 goals (If you think you can achieve 5 or more goals you can go for it, Otherwise don’t set too much of goals and you may give up taking steps for too many goals)

2.Be Specific with Your Goal

You have to be very specific about your goals. If you want to lose weight, You have to specify how much kilos you have to lose it. Whether 5 kg or 10 kg?? Which one is possible for you. This may give you clear view to follow habits according to it
Instead of “I have to go to job”, Write it as “I want to work as HR Assistant “
Instead of ” I want to lose weight”, Write it as ” I want to lose 5 kgs of weight”
So, Write specific goals as much as possible, Add numerical values or specific characters to your goal

3. Fix the Time period

You have written Specific goals in a paper and it is essential to set time period for your goals
If your Goal is to lose weight of 5 kgs, Then you have to break down into time period that is, Fix 6 months to reduce 2 and a half kgs and other 6 months to reduce another 2 and half kgs,.
Also write down daily or weekly habits you have to take to achieve this goals
Example: For losing weight, You have to do exercise daily, Avoid junk foods
For job, You have to make a good resume, Develop your technical knowledge, so on.

4.Surround Yourself with Persons of similar Goals

Try to connect with the people of similar goals, So that you may get inspired as well as you get to know about better ways that other people are trying to achieve the similar goals like you.If you want to lose weight, you should avoid people who are eating junk foods, Because it may tempts you too
To find inspiration, Join Facebook Group Share Your Goals as well as get motivated here

5.Be Consistent

Being Consistent is the key for success. Consistent is sticking to your habit and following it regularly to achieve your goal. Don’t ever give up in the journey of achieving your goal, If you cannot follow your habits due to some unavoidable reasonable, Try to follow on from next day or next week, It’s never too late to start a habit or achieving your goal.

6.Stay Positive

After Being Consistent in your habits, Believe yourself and hope for better things to happen in your life. Think positive always, It has a great power.
Whatever happens, Stay positive in your journey of achieving your goal

With Love,


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Every Girls Should Do This 10 Things in 2019

Girlsss!! 2019 is nearing, You have a Fresh notebook to write with it, And I will give you some ideas to make your notebook colourful.

These are very simple ideas or a bucket list that every girls can do, To make your 2019 memorable and satisfactory.

1.Travel Alone

Travelling gives you more energetic mood and why don’t you travel alone. Take yourself Self Date, Enjoy the world Make new friends, You may get more contacts and people as friends when you travel different regions.
As a Indian Girl , I know it’s not that easy to travel alone to different countries or state. I recommend you to travel alone atleast for short distance. Take a bus,Go nearby Park Or beach. Buy your favorite street food ☕🍲 Travel atleast for Short Distance( If your parents are super strict or you feel shy / fear). Grab a camera too for capturing your self date memories

2.Adopt /Take Care An Animal

Adopt a pet than buying it for ten Or twenty thousand bucks. If you can’t adopt, Atleast take care of any animal may be dog, cat, bird by feeding a small cup of food or water everyday.

3. Talk with your Friend whom you haven’t talked so far

You may have talked to your college or school bestie long before, And Now you might not have touch as you are working or after getting married. Text or Call your bestie and chat with her/him

4. Start Reading Books

This is the era where TV, YouTube entertains with videos and movies. Scrolling down Facebook, Instagram Stories keeps us busy. Even some of us read books in PDF file or kindle.
Throw off all your Tablets, Mobiles, Laptops. Take a book, Grab a cup of coffee ( or a Tea), Sit in a calm place and Start reading it. Reading Books also proven to increase concentration. Finish reading atleast single book in this year.


Volunteer for any programs or Take part in any Social Activities. Helping others may give you Better feel and happiness

6. Go for a class

In this new beginning, Improve your skills or interest, If you haven’t given importance to your passion or interest or hobby, Start giving importance in this year. Take a class what you are interested in like Dance, Music, Painting, Sports or Learning New language, Whatever it may be, Start going any class that may improve yourself.

7. Spend your Time with your family

Start Spending quality time with your parents and siblings. And Girls it’s important because after you get married these moments will be memorable and as the days roll on, You will be busy and responsible for making your own family. Don’t miss this chance of spending time with your parents and siblings. Take your Mom and Dad vacation of their favourite destination. Surprise your sibling by gifting them their favourite dress or any other things.Go for a movie, have a dinner together. So girls, Spend as much as time with them you can.

8. Donate

Donate money or food or clothes or any other things to the people who can’t afford. If you haven’t donated so far,Make this year to help others with your donation.You can donate money for orphans on your birthday or anniversary Also you can sign up organ donor.Donation have to be done by every human being which also makes feel better and happy.True happiness is when you see the happiness of others

9. Cook for yourself a day

Cooking is also an art. Learn cooking, it may greatly help you when you live alone or staying out for your work. Try to learn basic cooking in this year. Cook for yourself a day and taste your cooked food.If you are already good cook, then try new dish and serve it to your family and friends, Get their feedback.

10. Love Yourself

Last but not Least, In this New Year Dont forget to Love Yourself. Do what makes you happy and Be confident with your own skin. You may be Student, Employee or mother or housewife, But dont forget to take care of yourself in terms of health as well as self improvement.

Have a Colourful 2019,

With Love,


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Dress like A Celebrity in this New Year Eve: Within your Budget

Hey girlsss! We are at the end of this year and hoping to start New Beginning , New Resolutions, New Goals in 2019.To have a good start of 2019, We would be celebrating New Year Eve. In this post, I will give you Ideas to dress like these 7 looks of celebrities within budget.

I’m sure,It will be within your budget and I know that everyone can’t afford like an actress who spend 20 or 50 thousand bucks on a single dress. Let’s take a look on these celebrities dressing styles which you can follow on this New Year Celebration Eve. I have given you images that will be also available in market on few thousand bucks

1.Hot Red Skirt look of Trisha

Trisha wearing golden crop top and matched it with red skirt which makes her look combination of both traditional as well as modern.So girls, If you want this type of look, Check out this below link

INDYA Women Off White Printed Crop Top (Rs 910)

INDYA Women Red Solid Flared Maxi Skirt (Rs 1917)

Best look for: Outing or celebration with your boyfriend/Husband, And if you planned Dating or Meet up with your crush.

2. Traditional Anarkali like Rakul Preet Singh

The embroidered Floor length blue anarkali makes us fall in love with Rakul Preet Singh. She contrastly matched with light sandal colored dupatta.

Get this look by clicking below

Light Blue Printed Kurta Dupatta Set by Janasya (Rs 1119)

Best Look For: Celebration with your family and relatives, Temple visit

3.Sam’s Dashing Black skirt with Striped Top

Sam’s Striped top and Black skirt will be perfect for the girls who loves simplicity

Best look for: Outing with Friends, Movie night out

If you prefer black long skirt, Rain and Rainbow Black Printed Maxi Flared Skirt (Rs1649)

Short black skirt, People Women Brown Printed Midi Flared (Rs 471)

Striped Top , STREET9 Women Brown & Black Striped Formal Shirt ( Rs 599)

4.The Classic Saree Style of Shruthi

The saree will be never forgotten in every Indian occasions. Shruthi fashionably carried her look wearing striped bell sleeves blouse with checked saree. It is trendy look and all eyes will be on you definitely. Get this look by clicking below

Checked saree , Printed Georgette Saree In Light Grey (Rs 1728)

Striped blouse(Rs 1410)

Best Look For : Office Party with your Colleagues

5.Elegant Look of Tamannah

Tamannah’s Maroon Maxi dress with dupatta gives elegant look.You can also dress like her..For that click below

Maroon Solid Maxi Dress By JC Collection ( Rs 4232)

Beige & Gold Embroidered Dupatta By Dupatta Bazaar( Rs 649)

Best Look For : Evening or night Party, club Party

6. Rashikhanna’s Carefree Outfit

The perfect comfortable outfit for this new year, go like Rashikhanna’s blue top and striped Palazzo.It will be comfortable throughout your day and also gives you simple look.

United Colors Of Benetton Women Blue Solid Top(Rs 2499)

QUIERO Women Off White Striped Flared Palazzo (Rs 833)

Best Look For: Staying comfortable all the day

7. Nayan in Cute Checked Dress

Nayanthara’s Checked dress makes her cute,adorable like a school going girl.Strike a pose like Nayan by Clicking below
Miss Chase Women Navy Blue Checked Fit and Flare Top (Rs 1119)

20Dresses Women Black Solid Belt ( Rs 711)

(Note: If link is not available, Search it with given name)

The First and foremost in Dressing is that you should feel comfortable and confident.

Know yourself whether you want to look simple or grand,Select your favorite style and Go Fashionable in 2019

Enjoy, Happy 2019

With Love,