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15 Floral hairstyles of Indian brides which were Out of Ordinary ( Cute as well as Weird)

Hi gals, It is Wedding season..In South India (especially Tamilians) fix up their wedding dates in month of January and February( In tamil -Thai Maatham) as it considered to be auspicious month for wedding.So, I decided to post related to wedding of South Indian brides who differently chose the floral hairstyle for jada (Braid)

To – be – Brides, Don’t worry I’m here to guide by giving different ideas related to wedding in my future posts. Instagram and Facebook (girlyst).And I am excited to announce that every sunday , I will be posting for you on new topics (FOLLOW ME :P)

Okay, Let’s come to the topic, I had collected the pictures of brides,who had tried their floral hairstyle for wedding which was out of ordinary. Some was cute as well as weird.

1.The lovely heart❤

This bride tried heart floral hairstyle for her braid.The combination of white floral and red rose petals made the look better.The braid starting with central little red rose would have captured her hubby’s 💜❤heart.

This heart also look better but would get more attention as it was red floral is dominating than White floral.

2. The contrast colored flowers

Most of the bride opt flowers matching her saree or blouse. But this bride gone with different sky blue color of flower decors contrasting her outfit color. It looks cute.. Isn’t it??

3.The balloon braid (Best option for Engagement)

It is common that brides choosing the traditional normal braid on wedding.This bride goes with balloon braid with simple flower decor.

4. The Twisted braid (Best for Engagement)

Same as Balloon braid, The bride opted twisted braid with minimum hair accessories.

5. The golden hair accessory (Best option for Wedding)

This bride opted 22 carat gold hair accessory for her wedding with lovely jasmine flowers. It looks dazzling ( covering hair accessory also available like this ,if you don’t want to go gold)

6.The beads

Small beads all over the braid makes this bride pretty 🙂

7.Designing of Beads

Weird or cute 🤔?

8.The coloured stitches

9. One piece Hair Accessory for long braid

10.Flowers tied along the sides of the braid

11. Flowers wrapped around braid

12. Braid full of roses

Usually brides opt jasmine flowers and hair decorative accessories. This bride opted roses matching her saree that covers the full braid and also added hair accessories to it.

13. Fish Pattern

14. The Peacock Style

15. Peacock feathers as Hair decor

Hope you would have seen different varieties of floral hairstyle which was out of normal and traditional hairstyle decors.If you think some of the floral hairstyles are cute, comment it below 🙂

With Love,



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