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This is for You – A Facebook Love story (Chapter-3)

3. Arjun proposed Sandhya

Sandhya accepted Arjun’s request in Facebook.Few minutes later a message popped from Arjun in Facebook.

She opened, Arjun had sent ‘Hi’. Sandhya too typed ‘Hi’. They started chatting and

Arjun asked ‘Did you remember me? ‘,

Sandhya replied ‘Yes, We studied in same school πŸ™‚’

Arjun Asked ” How did you remember me? We were studying in different class.

She replied ‘ya, But I had seen you in school’

Arjun was happy to hear that and Sandhya didnt know that she was her crush from school days. He had tried to talked to her many times during his school days, but his efforts went in vain.

Finally he had to thank Mark Zuckerberg 😜, Where he had planned to propose her on Valentine’s Day in Facebook.

Both of them chatted from the month of August and Arjun planned to propose her next year valentines day, since he had chance of talking to her from August and he wanted to propose her on Valentine’s Day

He had missed Valentines day at present year, So he waited for next year valentines day

Days gone, On February 13th night, he couldn’t wait few hours to propose her. So he created an album “This is for you” With Romantic pictures from Ek Deewana Thaa ( Hindi Romantic Movie), He tagged her on all photos And sent her message “I need you and I love you”.

Sandhya had not seen for long time and as usual when she checked fb before sleeping, She shocked as she thought him as her friend and also she was already in relationship with Shiva.

What will be reply from Sandhya?

(To be continued on Feb 17)

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Love Story Series · relationship

This Is For You -A Facebook Love story (Chapter -2)

2.Friend Request From Arjun

Sandhya set her own picture as her Facebook DP. She got a lot of friend requests from guys. She started chatting with strangers and accepted most of the requests.

12th Standard Board exam was nearing and she thought to deactivate her account temporarily so that she could concentrate on her studies

After finishing her board exams, She was back to Facebook. She almost got addicted to Facebook during her holidays after board exam. She frequently checked her fb profile, Did anyone comment or like her timeline photos

She started spending her time on facebook without a break except for Breakfast, Lunch time.

She would chat with her group of friends mostly in comment section than in private chat. She also came to know different kinds of people in Facebook. Some people will always tag her in their photos, While some boys flirted with her and there was another kind of boys who talked with her from girl profile, she started realizing that one should be careful in using Facebook. So, She filtered unwanted people from her friend list.

She still chatted with her some of her friends and she could not resist talking with a particular boy, Shiva. Shiva also couldn’t stop talking with her. Shiva asked Sandhya’s number and she denied.

Shiva asked her whether she believes him or not. Sandhya replied that she had not talked with any boys through phone and let be friends in fb itself

But, Sandhya believed Shiva, and knew he was a generous person. Shiva also belonged to same age group as Sandhya. Something made Sandhya and Shiva to get attracted each other . Both exchanged their mobile phone numbers and started talking.

On other day, Shiva proposed Sandhya. Sandhya also had feelings for him. But she told him that only she could be friend with him. Shiva accepted, but often he expressed his love feeling towards her, Suddenly Sandhya also accepted his love and confessed her feeling too.

Shiva and Sandhya kept their relationship secret, Their friends didn’t know that they were in relationship.

On Other day She found out a new friend request from Arjun Raj,Who was her old schoolmate.She clicked “Accept” Option.On that day she didn’t know how mad she is going to fall in love with Arjun.

(To be continued on Feb 14)

Dont miss the next chapter ->How Arjun proposed Sandhya

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Since Valentine’s Day falls on February month So This month, I am posting Love story Series Written by me. Dont forget to follow the cute love story of Sandhya and Arjun (Every Sunday of Februrary)

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Love Story Series · relationship

This is for you – A Facebook Love story (Chapter-1)

1. Sandhya’s Facebook Account

Sandhya from her teen age, admired romantic movies and had a dream of being loved by a boy of her dreams. This feeling aroused on her 11th standard , Being Lean and her face with pimples, She thought no one could love her.

Sandhya wanted to get into relationship but she knew , She was too younger for getting into a relationship with a right boy and also she might think of her orthodox family and she left her idea of getting committed, While some of her friends got into relationship at the age of 16.

She also didn’t have opportunity to talk with boys as she studied in Girl’s Higher Secondary School. As well, She was also not interested to talk with the boys. Sandhya thought her dream boy will staright away come to her and propose her and she no needed to go after boys and talk with them.

She waited for the Breeze of love to hit on her. She passed and got into 12 th Standard, that was the time her friend Sudha whispered in tuition class “I have opened orkut account”, Next to her, Divya also said in soft voice “I’m too in orkut and Facebook, Give me friend request”. Sandhya didnt know what were they talking about

She asked during break, What was orkut, Facebook. Her friend Sudha explained It was social network where you can talk to strangers and be friend with them.

The next day, Sandhya’s friends were talking about what comments they have got and their online chat with Orkut and Facebook friends. Sandhya could not understand what they were talking, she would remain silent.

Almost Every day her friends kept on talking and Sandhya told her friends ” I don’t know what you were talking, Can you please change the topic”, Immediately Divya replied ” Hey, it’s just nothing, You too create account in Facebook or orkut, Very Easy, You just need Email ID”

That day, Sandhya reached her home , tied her long hair with clutch and sat before her desktop. She searched orkut and Facebook in Google.

She remembered Divya saying Facebook is better than orkut. So she clicked Facebook link, and started typing her details for creating account. Within a few minutes, Boys who are mostly strangers started giving her friend request.

To be continued on next Sunday( Feb 10)

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Valentine’s Day falls on February month So This month, I am posting Love story Series Written by me. Dont forget to follow the cute love story of Sandhya and Arjun (Every Sunday of Februrary)

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10 People Share The More Adorable Proposals

Every girl has a dream about how her guy has to propose her. We have took some cute and adorable proposals from whisper made by the guys and also some proposals planned by them

Scroll down to read these proposals




1. Totally Surprised one!!

2.Then, It’s a Magical Proposal!!

3. It’s all about Respecting her opinion

4. Proposal after Marriage also Special ❀❀

5. Awww!!!So Adorable 😍!!!

6. It will be cutest Proposal ever

7. His girl is lucky

8. Love makes a person Multilingual 😜

9. Dreamy Expectations of Every Girl

10. This is What all Girls want

What’s your dream of getting proposal or what you have planned for proposal. Share your thoughts in comments

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Things Every Girl Can Relate During Pongal Celebration

Pongal is a festival celebrated as thanksgiving for harvest of the year. Diwali may be one of the greatest festival But Pongal is the festival where you celebrate 4 days Bhogi, Pongal(Makar Sankrati), Mattu Pongal and Kaanum pongal.( This is the festival, you get many holidays than Diwali)

Okay, Let’s see What are the things every girl goes through during this celebration 😜

1.Cleaning Your Home

Bhogi is the previous day of Pongal,And that day you have to clean your home throw out useless items in a fire. This way we are throwing out bad things and inviting all good things in our life.
Mostly, Cleaning work will be started before a week from Pongal. You have to help your mom and no way of escaping from it. (North Indians may clean their home during Diwali, While Most of South Indians clean their home during Pongal)

Picture from @spillthesass

This is the reality of every girls celebrating Bhogi

2. No Shopping

Most of the families will not shop dresses like diwali. It almost No shopping,While some of your parents would say “The new dress you bought and you never Wear for long days, will be your dress for pongal celebration” And This makes every girl to disappointment. β˜ΉπŸ™

3.Helping your Mom with Colour Kolam is must

During Pongal,Every home’ s entrance will be seen with colourful Kolams and most of the locality announce Kolam competition on the day of Pongal. So, You have to help your Mom to draw colorful Kolam. It’s compulsory task πŸ˜†

4.Remote Fights

New movies and programs will be telecasted and all of your family members have to watch different programs and your sibling want to watch different movie… Leads to Remote fights!!

5. Pongal and Sugarcane Make your day

Your Mom’s preparation of Pongal with Jaggery (Sakkarai pongal and Venn pongal) will make your day. And Pongal celebration will not end without eating sugarcane

Happy Pongal!! Enjoy ❀ Your Holidays!

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Dear Boys, How to Get Into a Relationship With a Girl

This post is for Boys who want to get committed in 2019, I have been posting so far , for girls and now it’s for boys who want to be in relationship or find life partner.

Scroll down to see, what are the things you have to be doing for getting into relationship with a girl.

1. First of all, Friendship

Friendship is basic thing to enter into a relationship and love always starts with the friendship. Every girl make a boy as her friend when she likes his way of approach and who is similar to her character. So, Approach her in a decent way and if she ignores ,Just Leave and Don’t send bunch of messages continuously in order to draw her attention. She will respond to you , If she likes to respond you.

2.Understand Differences between you and her

During your days of Friendship, It is very important to know about difference between each other. Her likes and dislikes should be known to you as well as your like and dislikes should be known to her.

The one question you should ask yourself before getting into relationship is “Can you tolerate her likes and dislikes ” If Yes, you can proceed.

This is because If her likes is your dislikes, And You can’t adjust with that kind of thing, It is good to not to get into relationship with that girl. Some of them get friendzoned because of this

3.Express your Love for her

You love her and You can understand difference between her and you,as well as if you can tolerate her,Then Try to express your love for her. Send Good morning or Good night Messages everyday. Gift her favourites, Show your love as much as you can before proposing her. So that,She able to understand your affection and love towards her And Finally If You feel to spend your whole life with her, Get a bunch of roses and meet her in person and Propose in your style

4. Respect Her Decision

Some girls may like you and you may mistaken that she also on love with you.She might liked you as her friend and She is also a human , may have different kind of feeling based on her family situations.So If She says No,Respect Her decision and Try not to hurt her emotionally.True love will find a way for you.If you have shown true lover for her, Don’t worry, It comes to you in a different way.

5.Fall in Love Naturally And not Just you want to be in Relationship

Hey Boys, Don’t be in a relationship for just you want to be. Fall in love naturally

It is 100 percent true that When VTV Karthik (Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya Movie Dialogue) says “Kaadhala nama thedi pona athu kaadhal ila, athuva nadakanum namala potu thaakanum thala keela potu thaakanum” . Meaning : It is not love, When you find someone to love, Love!!has to happen on its own accord ,It has to hit us, makes us spin topsy turvy!

Don’t find a girl for just you want to be in a relationship, It happens when you feel you want to be with her for whole life, it’s the time you want to get into relationship.

With Love,


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6 Simple Rules To Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Every Year, We plan goals or new habits to follow on the start of the year.But,Most of us ( Even me) will try to follow it for a month of every New Year. The next month we get tired of following it.

Every Year we are doing the same mistake in setting up goals and achieving it. Here I break down into effective steps to Achieve goals. Let’s do this in 2019

1.Set Realistic and Minimum Goals

First of all, Set your goals according to your capacity that you can achieve in a year. And it’s important not to set too many goals.
Take a paper, Write your Top priority 3 or 4 goals (If you think you can achieve 5 or more goals you can go for it, Otherwise don’t set too much of goals and you may give up taking steps for too many goals)

2.Be Specific with Your Goal

You have to be very specific about your goals. If you want to lose weight, You have to specify how much kilos you have to lose it. Whether 5 kg or 10 kg?? Which one is possible for you. This may give you clear view to follow habits according to it
Instead of “I have to go to job”, Write it as “I want to work as HR Assistant “
Instead of ” I want to lose weight”, Write it as ” I want to lose 5 kgs of weight”
So, Write specific goals as much as possible, Add numerical values or specific characters to your goal

3. Fix the Time period

You have written Specific goals in a paper and it is essential to set time period for your goals
If your Goal is to lose weight of 5 kgs, Then you have to break down into time period that is, Fix 6 months to reduce 2 and a half kgs and other 6 months to reduce another 2 and half kgs,.
Also write down daily or weekly habits you have to take to achieve this goals
Example: For losing weight, You have to do exercise daily, Avoid junk foods
For job, You have to make a good resume, Develop your technical knowledge, so on.

4.Surround Yourself with Persons of similar Goals

Try to connect with the people of similar goals, So that you may get inspired as well as you get to know about better ways that other people are trying to achieve the similar goals like you.If you want to lose weight, you should avoid people who are eating junk foods, Because it may tempts you too
To find inspiration, Join Facebook Group Share Your Goals as well as get motivated here

5.Be Consistent

Being Consistent is the key for success. Consistent is sticking to your habit and following it regularly to achieve your goal. Don’t ever give up in the journey of achieving your goal, If you cannot follow your habits due to some unavoidable reasonable, Try to follow on from next day or next week, It’s never too late to start a habit or achieving your goal.

6.Stay Positive

After Being Consistent in your habits, Believe yourself and hope for better things to happen in your life. Think positive always, It has a great power.
Whatever happens, Stay positive in your journey of achieving your goal

With Love,