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20 Amazing Photo Ideas with your Better Half On your Wedding: Must have on your Wedding Album

My Dear Gals!! Here is another post for this Wedding Season. Brides!! Get Ready for these photo ideas and make your partner also get ready for this by sharing it .(Don’t forget to bookmark this page). These photo ideas may give you memorable moments on your wedding day

1.A Forehead Kiss

Kissing on Forehead gives a girl best feeling,It makes a girl to feel that she is everything to him.When your partner kisses you on your forehead ,capture that sweetest moment on your Big Day.

2. Looking Eye to Eye

You may have great feeling when you look at his eyes that ‘Everything is you in his life’, and He feels the same that ‘he is everything for you in your life’ looking at your eyes.

3. Blushing smile of the bride

Ask your photographer to click a picture when you blush ,looking at him.It will be definitely cutest photo in your wedding album

4.When He plays with your hair

Boys love to play with his girl’s hair.If your partner also do that ,why can’t you take a photo like this?!

5. Pinching your cheeks

6. A Care-Free Pose with Sunglasses

7.The Proposal

A proposal from your partner on wedding will be cherishing moment that you may experience later in your life.

8.”Finally We made it” Look

The moment,When he is looking at your Mangalsutra (Thaali) and feels that “you are mine”. You can very well see the bride’s eyes saying “I’m Yours” to her partner. Don’t forget to capture this beautiful picture. You can also ask your photographer to click groom’s reaction as well.

9. A Back Hug

10. When HE lifts you up

11. A Walk on your Wedding outfit

Once a while you may wear your wedding outfit, So don’t miss to walk together on it and click a picture.

12. When you give him sweetest torture

Add a fun picture to your wedding album by giving any naughty pose, portraying you are his sweetest torture.

13. Having Random conversation

Have a real conversation with your partner and don’t do it just for candid pictures. And when your photographer captures it, It will be beautiful one.

14. When HE carries you

15. The Rear view

Most of them forget to take photo of their rear view. Girls!!The rear view picture will be the most romantic one .So ,don’t miss this to add it on your album.

16. The Running pose

“Let’s elope away” pose (below picture) is adorable and this pose will be perfect for love marriage couples (You might have planned before your marriage lol:P)

The bride running while groom tries to catch her with garland in his hand. It will be perfect pose for arrange marriage couples(It makes fun way to know each other)

17. Lying on his shoulders/chest

18. Taking Selfie

SELFIE! Nowadays wherever we go ,we take selfies and why not on your wedding too. Take a selfie which will be your most memorable picture and also capture the moment you take selfie together

19.Hands Together

Your hand full of mehendi and his hand will make perfect combination on your big day, So ask your photographer to focus on your hands together

20. A pose for Black&White picture

A Black and White picture gives you flashback effect while seeing your album on later years. (So keep it in your list too)

Finally, Whatever the pose is, Try to give real pose with love for your partner and don’t make it only for photograph.Reality gives you beautiful picture. Also decide what are the photos you like to have on your wedding album and convey to your photographer.

Have a Happy Wedding!! with beautiful memories

With Love,



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