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Things Every Girl Can Relate During Pongal Celebration

Pongal is a festival celebrated as thanksgiving for harvest of the year. Diwali may be one of the greatest festival But Pongal is the festival where you celebrate 4 days Bhogi, Pongal(Makar Sankrati), Mattu Pongal and Kaanum pongal.( This is the festival, you get many holidays than Diwali)

Okay, Let’s see What are the things every girl goes through during this celebration 😜

1.Cleaning Your Home

Bhogi is the previous day of Pongal,And that day you have to clean your home throw out useless items in a fire. This way we are throwing out bad things and inviting all good things in our life.
Mostly, Cleaning work will be started before a week from Pongal. You have to help your mom and no way of escaping from it. (North Indians may clean their home during Diwali, While Most of South Indians clean their home during Pongal)

Picture from @spillthesass

This is the reality of every girls celebrating Bhogi

2. No Shopping

Most of the families will not shop dresses like diwali. It almost No shopping,While some of your parents would say “The new dress you bought and you never Wear for long days, will be your dress for pongal celebration” And This makes every girl to disappointment. β˜ΉπŸ™

3.Helping your Mom with Colour Kolam is must

During Pongal,Every home’ s entrance will be seen with colourful Kolams and most of the locality announce Kolam competition on the day of Pongal. So, You have to help your Mom to draw colorful Kolam. It’s compulsory task πŸ˜†

4.Remote Fights

New movies and programs will be telecasted and all of your family members have to watch different programs and your sibling want to watch different movie… Leads to Remote fights!!

5. Pongal and Sugarcane Make your day

Your Mom’s preparation of Pongal with Jaggery (Sakkarai pongal and Venn pongal) will make your day. And Pongal celebration will not end without eating sugarcane

Happy Pongal!! Enjoy ❀ Your Holidays!

With Love,



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